Alternative CDRW or CDR drives for Tascam 788


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Apr 8, 2014
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tascam 788
Hi silly me just got a old tascam 788 without a cd burner drive is there anything that teac make that i can use.

or older models that i can look out for i also found this link but want to be 100% before i start throwing money at this thing

also do i need to have the v2 eprom to upgrade the firmware to verion 2.2 or can use the upgrade on and version.

thats only when i find a cd drive

confusing any help will be appeciated thanks
Hi Victor

try here

upgrading depends on your current firmware version, that's displayed for a couple of seconds when you start your 788

if it's 1.10 or above it's ok to flash via cd writer. I think I read somewhere 1.07 and above but not sure. Dig it up please.


When you get your burner and check your version let me know.
I'll do what I can to help.

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hi yhanks i found these drives on ebay but only problem is i dont know what cables i will need.
the person who sold me the 788 has taken a week to post it to me on ebay it is in the post now but i am thinking.
what i need before i get it
got to make sure its working
is the cables going to be as hard as the harddrives to find
i am thinking of getting a tascam 2488
atleast they have usb to computer and have a harddrive upgrade that you can still buy.

is the tascam 788 worth spending more money on to get a diskdrive for also the cables i need any advice would be great
Hi Vector

The link you sent is for internal burner

You need one with the external enclosure

Yes the cables might be pain to source

Better find them together with the drive

I know little about 2488

I guess it's a step forward, 788 has some perks to it

Compare and I'll try the same

look at this post
788 formats a new drive automatic when you fit one

the cables in the ebay listing are correct ones
Hi Victor

2488 is rare and not cheep in UK

hI Jamal

does anybody know how to make the 788 as a slave in midi
i have had fun today learning but i have fallowed instrusctions and cant get it to slave .
i have have been able to use it as a master no problem.

i thinl this is quite a common problem.

but thankfully the 788 i got has v2.2 firmware
Sorry victor, out of my league

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