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Mar 19, 2014
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Tascam DR05
I just took delivery on a Tascam DR-05 yesterday, and have been trying to assess whether it will serve my purposes. I've never owned any kind of digital recorder before, so I'm still wading through the manual.

It seems okay, except that to make a recording audible using only the built-in mike and speaker, I have to raise the input level to near maximum, and this produces a loud hiss in the recording that is objectionable.

Is this recorder simply defective, or is there a way to overcome this without having to spend a lot more for peripherals for it?
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With the low readership and lack of response this thread has received, I decided to return the device to the seller. That leaves the question of whether there is any digital recorder, at an entry level price. that wouldn't have a similar problem? I surely thought that the state of the art would have a much better sound quality than I got on the DR-05.

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