Analog card hookup question for DM-4800


Nov 16, 2012
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DM-4800 Cubase Hammond C3
I have a DM-4800 and I bought an IF AN/DM analog card to hook up my compressors with and I am not sure how to hook it up. It came with a DB25 8 channel snake with TSR connectors. I have a TL Audio C1 compressor with XLR inputs and outputs and a Joe Meek OneQ compressor. What would be the best route to go for this setup? Do I need a different DB25 snake with XLR connectors? Actually 2, one for the inputs and one for the outputs? Sorry if the answer is obvious, but I have been in the studio construction mode for so long it's got me a little crazy. I haven't used the board for over a year and pulled some hair out getting my new ADAT card to work with my Behringer PM16 monitor system, but figured that one out myself finally and it works great.
There's nothing wrong with connecting the unit with XLR -> 1/4" TRS cables... It's balanced either way. And you should only need one card... With two outboard units you can run them both in and out in stereo with those 8 I/O points.
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