Any Portacapture x8 users with a Mac

David Wyatt

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Feb 6, 2024
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Portacapture X8
I have recently purchased a Portacapture x8 (PCX8) and am trying to identify if I have a potential hardware fault.

On trying to use as an audio interface connected to my Mac via usb, i seem unable to play back a recording made on the PCX8 into the Mac for recording or monitoring. This seems very odd.

I have successfully used the PCX8 as an audio input device where any mics inputs can be recorded in the computer in real time, while recording. I have also recorded from the computer into the PCX8. But I have not been able to play back a recording made and stored on the device to the computer over USB. (Monitoring).

The manual indicates this should be possible. Anyone on here manage to do that?

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hello, I am having similar problem so we might get somewhere closer:

1. I have same devices as you.
2. I've plugged-in minijack headphones into the Tascam
3. I've plugged-in Tascam via USB to MAC.
4. I hear my voice coming through headphones
5. I record voice into the music program and it works fine
6. I try to playback what I have recorded - there is no sound coming through (potentiometers work but no sound).
7. *there is no* USB FS Mismatch between MIDI app options and Tascam.
8. There is also zero sound coming through headphones while trying play YouTube or some other files.

I've discovered a workaround/bypass - you open MIDI app on MAC, and there is a little cross in the left down corner. You click that cross and add "new multiple device" or something called like that in English - and then use X8 and MAC speakers (or other speakers if you have them plugged in) - then sound finally comes through headphones BUT unfortunately also through MAC speakers (and there is no way to adjust MAC volume, only on Tascam with this wheel).

I am coming into conclusion that X8 can't work both as input and playback device JUST on this minijack headphones but I am searching to verify that.
OK, I managed to do it finally - in "manual screen" in Tascam you have to click "input" and then click USB - and it worked for me, finally working as should.

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