Anybody in Lancaster/Palmdale or Los Angeles with DP-24?


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Oct 23, 2013
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Hey everybody, need some help. My DP-24 just stopped working with one of my SD cards, it will not complete the initialization process and it gets stuck just after the "bouncing music notes". All my other cards still work, but this unit has been glitchy lately. I posted a question a couple months back where a different card had stopped working on track 10, but all other tracks and other cards were fine.

So my question: is there anybody local to me where I could possibly come by and see if this card will work on your machine? I have a TON of hours in the data on this card and I really hope the card isn't toast. No, I have not backed up the data to computer.... stupid, I know. I would be willing to pay for your time and trouble, but if the card is still good I'm going to have to send the unit back to Tascam for repair, which will take god knows how long. Probably will just buy another in the meantime, but I HAVE to know if this data is lost.
Thanks in advance!

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