ATR 60-16 Operation/Maintenance Manual


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Jan 2, 2014
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ATR 60-16
Hi to everybody and happy new year

i have a tascam atr 60-16 and i'm looking for the operation/maintenance manual. Does anyone have an idea on where i can order it from, or sell me a copy (physical or pdf)?

Thanks, grigoris
I've been desperatly looking for one or a copy of one for quite some time now. Grigoris, have you had any luck finding one? I've been looking for 2 months now. Even notified Tascam with no luck from their response. It's like the world has turned a blind eye on it...sigh.
Has anyone had any luck? I have an ATR 60 2T. The calibration is a little intimidating. I could use some guidance.
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No luck getting the manual yet, here's the brochure.


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I had a fellow from another forum scan chapter 7 from the service manual for the ATR-60/16. He was a life saver! I've posted the link to the pdf. This chapter is all about the calibration, maintenance, etc. of the unit. Hope this helps out.

By the way, I'm still looking for the complete manual, sigh
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hey, are you still looking for ATR60-16 manual? I have the original one with all the user info, specs, calibration procedures, servicing, schematics etc. only have to scan it but i'd be glad to undergo such an effort for analog tape users community. It's a lot of pages and i can't do all at once (my scanner is crap) so if you need specific sections for it i could start there. Omar
Hey Omar
I have a ATR60-2T. If you could take a scan of the Calibration procedure that would be great. I hope it is the same on the 2T as it is on the 16. Thanks - MH
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Hi, I have an ATR60/8 what is broken and I need the chapter 11 of the manual for the reparation.
The manual what I found in the internet has a very bad quality, it's almost unreadable. Anybody could help me?
Look, Everyone is looking for a free Pdf and often times larger manuals of this type do not exist. If people are serious about a real paper manual, I have taken original manuals and had them duplicated by an expert and then sent then to those that wanted them. Obviously it cost something to obtain a original and send it in and then the duplication cost but I have done this twice before and people have gotten not only a manual but one that is the high quality of the original- yes, I have to fix machines too and I hate poorly scanned Pdf files which 99% of them are.
How many are willing to make a deposit for a manual to get the ball rolling? That is what has to be determined.

On the electronics sections of a device you do not have the cable for DO NOT apply voltage to a pin as doing so will either wreck parts inside and not get you to where you need to go. A Technician with a manual can make a suitable connector possibly not the original one but a connector and cable that will work and do so for many years.
You just need to find the right type of Technician. Fooling around with no knowledge often times destroys perfectly good equipment. It is a shame.

You know I'm looking for the ATR-80 manual or 60 and I'll compensate anyone who will have it reproduced for me.
No reason why a good quality digital version of the manual shouldn't come with the product in this day and age. If anyone gets a hold of the full manual, we will host it here.

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