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    Apr 2022

    I am looking after a ATR-60-2T maintenance manual. I found the ATR-60-4 manual but with very low quality diagrams.

    1 - Can someone point me a 2T manual version please?
    2 - If 1 is not possible, can someone confirm that 4T manual is similar to the 2T model?

    I was asked to repair a machine but I didn't see it yet. The problem seems to be the capstan dragging the tape too slow and with imprecise speed (lots of wow). I suppose there is a good change of lubrication problems because the machine has been left unused for a long time. It is needed to play some archives.

    Looking at the 4T manual, the capstan motor is a 3 phase device. Capacitors C2, C3 and C4 in Capstan Motor Driver PCB Assy could also be problematic.

    Any help is appreciated
    Thank you
    H. Martins
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    The ATR60 decks are outstanding machines and you may be dealing with sticky tape as these decks do not have trouble like you are describing- make sure the Pinch Roller is not sticky as often times roller have to be rebuilt by terry. Lubrication wise I would recommend AMSoil Signature series 0W30 oil from automotive supplier. I have found that this synthetic oil beats any I have used in the past. It is all I use these days.
    Real manuals for those are expensive and Stereomanuals is the place to get them but Rick died last years so maybe not but they are still operating the site.