Automation question


Oct 6, 2012
Gear owned
Using the onboard automation on the DM… with DAW automation etc.
Got a mix that is perfect for the clients and me.
Now, they want to add a couple of parts that bring the overall output to about 1db over the peak level.

Is there a way to trim the entire mix 2db while retaining all of the automation moves in the DM? (including the master fader fadeout)

First, why are the new parts going to drive the stereo summed peak above 1db? You should be able to attenuate those tracks to prevent overs. This can be done with the channel trim 'knobs' in tandem with fader control (and/or compression/limiting.) Second, why are you running mixes so hot? That leaves practically no room for mastering/limiting without squashing the mix and narrowing the stereo field.

Third: yes - an overall trim can be applied to the mix without affecting automation moves and fader levels. The steps are outlined in the DM Automation manual; it's a matter of hitting two or three buttons - the specifics of which I don't have handy at the moment. If you don't already have it, you can download that manual at the site.


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