Battery problem ? with DR-100 MkII


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Nov 18, 2013
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Tascam DR-100 Mark II
Just found this forum. I have a Tascam DR- 100 Mk II. Tried to charge my BP-L2 battery with both my AC power supply and after a USB cable. Both failed. Charging light goes on for about 45 minutes then shuts off. When I push the “on” button with just the Li-on battery inside nothing happens. Bought a new battery at the suggestion of Tascam. Same thing happened with the new battery. Put in alkaline batteries and checked the menu for battery status. Indicator blinks either there is no Li-on battery installed or it’s totally out of juice. I’m on east coast. Don’t want to send unit to Tascam in California. Local repair wants $125 just to look at it. Anyone know of this problem and suggestions as to a fix or what I might be missing or doing wrong? Thanks. Also, No external chargers made for this BP-L2. Must charge it inside recorder. Not good if you want to use recorder on batteries and charge at the same time.
It seems I have exactly the same problem. Were you able to find any solution to your issue?
Thanks very much, Arjan, I will look into the thread you posted.

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