Been a long time


Feb 9, 2013
Gear owned
Hey folks, been a long time since I came around here ... Muziekschuur might remember me ;)

Still rocking on my DM24 all these years later, pretty soon I will send it in for the 3rd screen :( The dreaded lines are back, at least this time it took a lot more years (did the mod with the extra fan to dissipate the heat that last time).

Does anyone by chance have an IF-FW/DM (mkI) they want to sell? Or anyone that is running a mki wanna trade for a brand new mkII? I would be happy to send along one to buy a brand new one and swap with you since it's so impossible to find them these days.

Welcome. :) You should try posting in the marketplace section because for sale/want to buy posts get more visibility there.
Thanks, I might do that ... I think I might have a solution at hand already ... time will tell!
I do remember you posting, I was Marko Polo and used to post quite a bit but only record for fun now so don't use the gear as much as I once did. its a drag the old posts are gone
Actually it seems all the old stuff still exists on another domain now ... that old site is like the cockroach of the internet. After all the nastiness that went down (like charging people to sign up) I really wish that all of the stuff I did there for free would be taken down ... really not interested in being someone else's meal ticket :evil:
True. And whoever owns the other site is STILL charging people to sign up.
DJ X said:
True. And whoever owns the other site is STILL charging people to sign up.

Yep. I'm sure it's Terry. I think Dr. Who died did he not?

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