Best DB25 cables to use with IF-AN/DM Analog card?


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Mar 9, 2013
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So I've got 2 of these in my DM-4800 and am waiting on a 3rd with an end goal of sending 24 channels of audio to an outboard mixer. I didn't shop around for snakes as I assumed the couple of DB25-XLR breakout cables I had laying around (1 Digidesign, 1 cheapy generic- probably Pyle Pro) would fit the bill. I've currently got my Asn Sends filling in for the missing 3rd card, and audio through the Asn Sends is the only audio making it to my outboard mixer. The DM sees my analog cards (Slot 2 and Slot 3, FW is in Slot 1), and I *think* I've got everything routed correctly, so my assumption is that I have the improper cables. Can anybody recommend a particular make of cable that they know to work for this purpose? Is there anything else I may not have thought of? Thanks :)
I did find this DB-25 pinout document in my collection. Might be useful if you wanna check the cables you have:


  • Tascam DB-25 Pinout.pdf
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First keep in mind that there are two DB25 cable format types. Analog and Digital.

There are (were) two basic standard formats for DB25 pinouts for analog connections. Tascam and Yamaha. Pre-AVID Digidesign specific gear such as the HD I/O used the Tascam DB25 format.

If you are careful in how you setup your DM channel routing, you can do a loopback test be connecting the DB25 output to the DB25 input and check the input meters for signal activity.
Just to update this thread with more up to date sourcing and prices, try these: These are available in selectable lengths, and those are Canadian dollars, not US. $117.80 CAD for a 25' cable is quite reasonable. You can also pay in US dollars if that makes sense for you. Most of the cables that I see around for use with the IF-AN/DM are both quite short and very expensive. These work perfectly for getting from my Series 8p Dyna-8 in the equipment cabinet into the DM-32 IF-AN/DM interface card, which required a 25' run. Note, they build these on order, so you can ask them to wire them as either analog, or digital use, using the wiring diagram as above. Also, since these are custom built, the DB25 connectors they use are, of course, not moulded. Thus if you have to, you can use a pin extractor to re-pin them after the fact should you have need. If you don't have time to make your own, this is the way to go.

This company is a great source for just about any cable you are ever likely to need, the quality top notch, the prices reasonable, and they custom build, great when you need something that is hard to find, or you need a 'non-standard' length.
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obviously quality and cost matters but i have to say im having good luck w the cheaper HOSA DTP-802 cables ($40 for 2m analog TASCAM format db25 to TRS). For AES cables, the Cable Up CU/AES2503 3’ db25 TASCAM format cables ($23 ea on ebay) have been solid.

ive had to wire and solder some of my own cables and adapters to incorporate some different routing approaches and techniques, and i have sometimes found it gratifying and educational to save money versus having custom cables and adapters built - but for others the certainty and reliability of custom pro cables can’t be beat, and are worth every penny.
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Digiflex and/or Hosa have always worked for me
Ah, but you guys are often using short little 3-6' runs. Trying using those cheap cables on a 35-50' run and see how much noise you get. A 3' cable from the source that I mentioned is $37.04 U.S., and a 6' $45.38 U.S., so reasonably cost competitive with some of the other sources quoted. For the extra few dollars, you get an excellent quality cable, that internally has 8 smaller cables with individual shielding and each of those cables are covered with individual heat shrink inside the connector. The longer the run, the more noise you are going to pick up. Quality does matter, and in this case, you don't have to pay a huge premium to get the extra quality. Works for me.
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Also, for those who are inclined to make their own cables (which I sometimes do), here is a better pin-out chart for the Tascam analog cable than the one that has been provided earlier in this forum. Hopefully, this will be of value to someone going forward. DB25_DB25_Analog_cable .jpg
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@grumpyman57 FYI your image was not posted properly. Try using an external image hosting source.
@peter, I thought I had, I have a very large server farm where I did host the image 'externally', in as much as the source was indeed placed on one of my web servers. I was expecting that the 'image' button was adding the link rather than embedding the image, (and link), in the body of the message, since it asked for a URL when the image was uploaded. A simple right click on the image would have demonstrated that it was indeed hosted externally, and would have allowed the image to be downloaded if needed. I must admit to being a bit mystified why you are saying that the image was uploaded improperly, is there some rule about uploading images that I need to know about? I will see about changing it, however as is the image was visible without having to download it first, could have been easily downloaded from my server by right clicking on it, the source was indeed hosted remotely, and I used an available command in the message editor, I don't comprehend exactly what was improper. I should think that would be the best way to deal with shared images. Thanks for pointing this out, whatever you think the issue is. I am looking forward to your clarification on this matter so that I don't put my foot in it in the future, so to speak.

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