Beta driver(s) for IF-FW/DW MKII for Windows 7 64 bit


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Feb 3, 2013
Long Island, NY
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been using dm3200 for about 6 years with firewire & surround. lately however signal has not been stable and daw or other audio apps freeze/lock at different times. I'm left with resetting kHz from 96 (which is my default setting) to 44 or 48 in dm 2300 and then in windows 7 (64bit) then back to 96 in both before sound/audio returns. This is a new problem which I think it may be from an windows update a month or two ago. Anyway I'm very interested in any and/or all recent beta driver(s). Can anyone help?
My email is : bmanproductions at hotmail
Thank you.
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First thing I'd do: revert my PC to a date previous to that 'update.' Chances are good, you didn't need it anyway.

Most of those 'updates' are anti-virus algos. If you're not surfing the net with your studio PC (a BAD idea anyway), you don't need virus software, updates, or Mikrosoft messing with your PC when your back is turned. Go into your Settings and turn OFF any further 'updates.' Tell the 'Borg' you're a grown person who can make his own decisions. :)

I have to disagree, captain. My studio PC is always connected to the internet (also because it is connected to my NAS) and I think there is no need anymore these days to refrain from doing so. My rig is rock solid and I never have any glitches or such.

MS updates aren't just about virus or hacking protection, but also about system improvements and hardware driver updates, which sooner or later will be needed by our cherished DAW programs. However - no update in my PC will ever install automatically, because it can interfere at times when I can't use that. And you know, with the Borg, resistance is futile! ;)
I'm a certified pc tech, musician and studio engineer, (not to toot my own horn, but somebody got to do it, so toot-toot :geek:). Anyway I understands the pitfall(s) of updating and/or upgrading a static set daw, which all dedicated units should be static set to avoid operation changes/problems, just my 2cents. I do however like to manually check and take needed updates/patches. I know I can revert back but I'm a techie by nature and can afford to explore the possibilities. I like things to be as current as possible even though it can temporally affect my static daw/system. I've been living with and/or working around the issue between my if-fm/dm mkII drivers (v1.20 & 1.21) and windows 7 64bit (how they interact together) since I upgraded from XP a couple years ago. I'm always looking for the best fix/patch/solutions even if it means a few hiccups in the process, no pain, no gain. I found however, through this forum, recent betas. I've looked/searched other forums and internet all the time in past and hadn't found any new updates for my DM-3200, firewire or surround card. I felt pretty sure new current beta would work and yes, the latest one is doing the trick. Excuse my long dialog, I don't get out much :). I'm somewhat silent on the forums but have read many of your comments as well as others. Your very informative and it's a blessing to access the info.

Thank you captdan.

PS, I'm looking for a Tascam DM 3200 update to convert mixer board surround option beyond 6.1 at least to 7.1, any suggestion?

To all who helped me get the beta driver I needed for my if fm/dm mkII. All is well, Thank you.

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