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Oct 2, 2012
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The Steinberg forum is awash similar issues with 7.5.3. It seems you're not alone and that rolling back to .20 is the only answer. I bet you're glad it's not a hardware issue!
Thanks for reporting! I did install 7.5.30 10 days ago but haven't had much time in the studio since, so I'll be checking it out shortly..
I have installed 7.5.3 and yes, I also have the same problems.
I've rolling back to 7.5.2.

Thanks for reporting!!
From steinberg via Facebook.

[Windows] Cubase and Nuendo crash upon starting a project / template
The problem described in this article affects all versions of Cubase and Nuendo making use of the Steinberg Hub (Cubase LA/AI/Elements 7, Cubase and Cubase Artist 7/7.5 and Nuendo 6.5).

When the application using the Steinberg Hub crashes right after launching a project, the issue is most probably related to the recent Windows update KB2977629 (9th of September 2014).

The error message displayed will be similar to this one:


There is currently one known permanent workaround:

  • Disable the Steinberg HubOpen Cubase without launching any project
    Go to File -> Preferences -> General -> Untick "Use Steinberg Hub"
We are currently investigating and try to find a solution together with Microsoft as soon as possible.
the issue is most probably related to the recent Windows update KB2977629 (9th of September 2014).

And people wonder why I disable 'Updates' on my studio Win7 PC.

Yes! Yes! I know! One must keep up daily with the convoluted 2 steps forward, one step backwards programming and virus defense emanating from beautiful Redmond, Wash. I'm a fool to even think of defying The Borg!

But defy - I must! :)

The performance issue goes away once you disable MIDI timecode sync on USB 3. I wonder if this supposed fix listed in the version notes is what causes this problem:

MIDI: MIDI chase now works correctly when multiple channels are used on the same MIDI track.

Perhaps something changed to address this issue and had an adverse affect on some hardware including our DM3200

Here's a video of the problem
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I've been notified by Steinberg that the issue is now officially recognized as a reproducible bug! The audio playback issue exists ONLY when sending Cubase timecode to any external my case the beloved DM3200. Disabling Cubase from sending MTC to the DM3200/DM4800 will bypass the problem for now until a fix is implemented or you can roll back to 7.5.20 if the other fixes in .30 don't apply to you.
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Received message from Steinberg that this fix will be implemented in the next maintenance update (7.5.40)
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Super...I'm in 7.5.2 now and wait for the update 7.5.4

Thanks for the info!!

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