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Oct 4, 2012
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Hi again my friends.
So Sx-1 has started freezing after I loaded a bunch of projects. So I figured it was the harddrive being to full. Today it wouldn't even open projects as it would freeze during process. I decided to wipe the HD and reinstall. Done, but still having the same issue, even with only the default project on it. So I am trying to load the Bios menu so I can look there to make sure things are ok. But I can't remember how to open the bios menu? its some weird combination you have to do like a alt x or something..but after you do it once any time you can just use the delete key, like a normal pc. Anyone remember?

It's been a really long time since I've been on this forum ( I didn't even know that it was shut down and then "reborn"!).
It's been almost as long since I've worked with my SX-1s, but if I remember correctly,you can enter BIOS by shutting the machine down, inserting the OS CD, then rebooting. I think there is a menu available when the CD boots up to allow you to then enter and edit the BIOS. If my SX-1s weren't in storage at this time, I would have tried this before posting because my memory is a little foggy on this.
Hope this helps!
No unfortunately it doesn't give that option which would have been good.
It does surprise me that with the diagnostics in the OS disk they don't give the option to check your ram and cpu. Perhaps they didn't want people mucking around in there. But the truth is that ram fails all the time as do Cpu's.

Anyway like I said I knew what it was but foolishly didn't write it down, thinking I'd remember.
Its only after reloading the OS or doing for the first time that you have to do the Alt +S+X or what ever it is. From then on its simply the Del key like any computer.

The service manual says its the F7 key but I believe that was for an earlier bios or something as it does not work.
Figured it out!
It is the F7 key! Then you have to enter Tascam backwards. (don't muck about in there unless you are familiar with computer bios and really need too)

Now I just have to figure out the problem of why its freezing doing anything.
Its a strange problem. because I was able to record the client today with no issues on the song that was loaded at startup no issue.
But if I try and switch to another song or mix down it will freeze up.
I had everything backed up after last session (as one should) so was able to load projects (songs) onto other machine. Still this is very frustrating.
I can only assume, I have bad Ram, a bad CPU, or a bad HardDrive. Hopefully its not a failing of a circuit board. By the way the machines Temp is nice and low (34C) so thats not it. Sucks because I have 3 clients this week.
Hi Greg.Open her up and reseat all the cards that are plugged into the M/B along with the RAM.A hard drive swap is really easy too.You can reload the OS on the new drive and verify if that's the problem-or wipe the existing drive and reload the OS.
Yeah too bad but I can't avoid opening it up. I did already format and reload OS which didn't help.
Thanks wkrbee, I will try reseating cards while its open too.
Just to update. Today I took it apart, swapped out the ram, and running great.
It surprises me because that ram was bought recently (within year) and was new old stock. Oh well at least I have resolved it. Will have to find some more ram soon for backup..the stuff's not getting any easier to find either.

The ram that failed was pc 100mhz which is what I believe the Sx uses.
The ram I put in now that its working is pc 133mhz. It seems to work ok.

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