"California, here we is."

Gravity Jim

Sep 28, 2012
It's my third day as a Californian, a resident of Santa Rosa, and a Sonoma County bidness guy. The four-point-five-day drive across I-80 was grueling and our dogs hated it... but the new house is so great, the neighborhood is awesome, the city is beautiful, the weather ideal. People are warm and easy-going, our loved ones drop by just to say hi, and our grandson will be born any day. Best of all, I decided my guitars would be safer in the moving van, and every one of them arrived in perfect condition and still in tune. Getting close to passing audio through the DM3200 again and life is incredibly good!
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Had to check out your new house with Google Street View. Looks nice. And it isn't too far away from the place one of my old friends lives in. So meybe I'll be knocking at your door someday.
So jealous. Best of luck in the new place.

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