Can I use a MOTU system to copy all my tracks to hard drive?

Discussion in 'TASCAM MX-2424' started by MrKnobs, Jul 22, 2019.

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    Jun 2013
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    I have some old DA-88 machines and tons of work I've done on those machines. What devices do I need to just put tape after tape into my machines and copy everything to a computer? Do I need a MOTU PCI 424 and a rack mount unit (MOTU 2408 mk3 for example) and some software (where available)?

    Posting this here on the MX forum as well as the DA88 forum since I'll be using the system on both devices. Thanks! :)

    Terry D.
  2. Caveman

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    Dec 2014
    do you have analog outputs on da88 and analog on mx? I don't know the da88 but Id say once you have your interface setup to either the mx or your computer you would have to record in real time from the tapes to hd either on mx or computer. I worked with a 2408 transferring files and recording to computer but guy that owned it was there to set it up. Shouldn't have any problems Im sorry Im not more help, I transfer reel to reel and cassette tapes to mx and computer a lot should be pretty much same deal once interface is setup.

    If da88 has analog outs and mx has analog ins Id run lines and record straight from da88 to mx. Just because I trust mx more than computer :)