can more than 1 MMC be set up in DM3200


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Sep 29, 2012
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I have one set for Digital Performer 8, able to REW, FF, Play etc. and all is set up correctly in MACHINE CONTROL & EXT. CTRL on the DM3200.

But I wanted to know can I add UNDERNEATH the first setting, a new one for LOGIC 9 ???

I click on ADD, hit enter, but it says ALREADY ASSIGNED, (( I don't get it ))

Do I have to erase my DP8 settings just to add LOGIC ??? :?: :?: :?:
Might be that you have to deselect the button (black dot) for the DP entry under the 'TRA' column in the Machine Control screen? Maybe one can only be added if none are active..
That's right. You can have two or more MMC settings in the menu, but only ONE TRAnsport button can be active at a time. Otherwise you'll get the 'Tascam-ese' message: ALREADY ASSIGNED.

I go through this adventure regularly, switching between MTC-Internal and HUI/Emulate. It's a necessary workflow maneuver with PT10.

At least my DM only accepts 1 device of type "M MC" on the list. Trying to add another will result in "ALREADY ASSIGNED" ... no matter if first "M MC" device is active or not.
Nope, indeed it doesn´t work. No two ´M MC´ devices can be in the list - it will say ´Already Assigned´ - irrespective of the TRA state. Also ´M HUI´ won´t accept, but all others get added to the list. Maybe some changes have to be made in the MC Setup screen before a second entry can be added, but I´m reluctant to try since my desk is working fine as it is...
Interesting, I've got to say if that were true in my case, I'd be up a creek without a paddle with ProTools. :eek:

I'll send a screen shot a later today to show you my MMC screen and the two separate settings on my list.

Attached are three screen shots of my MMC settings. One shows HUI's TRAnsport active, another - MTC/Generate TRAnsport enabled.. A third SHOULD show the 'Device Not Active screen - which apparently doesn't print to the file. I always ignore that warning when switching between TRAnsports.

As you can see, two separate settings reside together in the menu.



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captdan said:
two separate settings on my list
Yes, you can have multiple items on the the list, but not multiple MC (Mackie Control) or VTR items. There may be other restrictions too, but I've not investigated the issue further than this.

From what you wrote (EDIT: and now confirmed by screenshots), I think you have 'M HUI Emulate' and 'I MTC Generate' items and that's definitely OK ... but if you try what OP is after: 'M MC for DP' and 'M MC for Logic' it doesn't work.

EDIT2: Yes ... I too have 'I MTC Generate' item hanging around in my defaut DM project along with 'M MC Steinberg' ... don't know why ... maybe because of some testing I made for another fellow in The Old Forum ... or maybe because I tried to solve my DM's automatomation broblems by making my DM as a MTC master... or something else ... don't remember anymore ... it was more than 5 years ago.
From what you wrote (EDIT: and now confirmed by screenshots), I think you have 'M HUI Emulate' and 'I MTC Generate' items and that's definitely OK ... but if you try what OP is after: 'M MC for DP' and 'M MC for Logic' it doesn't work.

Come to think of it, I don't recall ever trying to load Steinberg & HUI-Emulate together, so I learned something today.

But at least MTC Internal plays nice with the other options. :)

That's what the MAPs are for, complete setups of the remote MC page that you can flip between with a hot key. Check the manual, it should be described in there.

This is a feature I originally implemented for the DTRS remote control in the TM-D8000 and TM-D4000 - so you could either control a stack of machines in sync, or just dive direct to a single machine and control that (because it's faster than waiting for the whole stack to sync).
This should work great for your use of multiple DAWs or MMCs.

This makes me sad.

I know this is a topic that many of you have discussed to death, and I have read all of it , but I still can't get this thing to work. I am trying to automate OTB, using my tascam dm3200, protools 9, windows 7 64bit, i7 processor and 8gbs of ram.

I set mtc send/rcv to usb port 3. Enabled the mtc generate under machine control in the tascam. Set protools to recieve from usb 3. I can't get passed this error.

Screenshot 2014-07-23 23.33.21.png

Some one unstupidfy me with what I am missing.
It looks like you haven't engaged Ptools' Transport/Sync button. It's the blue one that says 'ONline.' If you don't do that, Ptools loses its mind trying to find the sync point. Then you get that irritating 'contention' about DAE (digital audio engine) errors.

Thanks for the reply Cap. I do have the transport sync button ingaged, it says waiting foor sync until I roll the tascam. Then it goes insane. It blinks when i select it.
You're one step away from solving this. I went through this same process and it turned out to be ONE small element.

But I'm going to have to look over your settings to be sure where it is. Might take awhile, so hang in there.

Thanks for the help cap. I have tried every combination I can think of, even swapped usb cables just in case, not that there was a reason to, my remote later works fine so I know it wasn't that. Knowing avid, there's a small check box hidden in a menu somewhere called the "Robby Can Go To Hell" option. Just for me. I have tried checking mmc master and slave in pro tools(not at the same time), I have the syncozation set to any I also tried setting it to predefined tascam usb3...I am at a loss. Rebooted so many times my power buttons are wearing out.
In case I didn't mention it I am on pt9, windows 7 64bit, i7, 8gb ram. Not sure why any of that would matter.
I may've missed something (this thread has gone through hell and back), but it would be helpful to see screen shots of these things in Ptools 9:

Setup;peripherals; machine control; HUI screens, etc.

Also, please include a PT screen shot of your SESSION/SETUP menu (this shows bit depth, sample rate, wave form type, etc.

I'd also like to see a clear screen shot of your PT Transport without the ASIO contention message covering it. Please enlarge the Transport window to its full size.

I think the problem is somewhere within those settings; your DM parameters look correct for DM sending MTC to PT. But I think PT's settings are expecting to send MTC to DM which is causing that ASIO message.


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