Can not create Track wav. file

Steven Faulkner

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Apr 6, 2014
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Hello, I think maybe I have overfilled my partition (oops) and can not create a Track wav. file. First I tried to make a song back-up file and my DP-004 shows SD card is full, so I used the cut function to take out some (alot) of what was recorded then went back and was able to create a song back-up file and transfer it to my computer, tried to make a Track wav. file for all tracks and shows SD card full, so tried to make Track wav. for just one track and same thing. I rehooked up to the computer and removed the Song Back-up file from the DP-004's folder and tried again with still no luck SD card full, tried to copy to another partition and same message. I have an 8 gig card with 3-2 gig partitions with 1-2 gig FAT partition. Firmware is 1.04 When I try to create the Track wav. file it says that the SD card is full and shows 29mb free and 973mb total. Question: Do I have to just keep cutting out of this partition until I have enough space or is there another way or have I overlooked something? i.e. when I am doing a cut am I actually opening up more mb's in the partition?

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