Can the 788 store song data as Wav files in its hard drive??

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May 29, 2014
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Pretty sure can easily place an IDE to SD card adaptor in the 788. This replaces the hard disc with inexpensive noiseless storage media that can serve to easily transfer the data to PC. If the 788 can store songs in .wav files in the hard disc then I see no problem with these transfers to PC. Can the 788 store its song data as .wav files in its hard drive??. In Tascam tips and tricks ( it states that in version 2.02 of the software multitrack .wav files can be produced via the CDR but can these .wav files be present in the hard drive to be read as such when transferred to the PC via the SD card ???
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I don't believe the HD has wav files stored on it. When you export to CD each file has to be converted first. Even on my 2488 Neo the files are converted to wav's before you can export them.

Thanks Zeek....Shame it cant....Roland users can place IDE to SD card adapter on older units in place of the HDD and there is a program that allows conversion to WAV files ON THEIR PC. Nice way to reduce noise and make trasfering data tp PC easier.....If we could do the same we could resucitate the 788. Tascam needs to open up their proprietary software to scrutiny?

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