Canadian Pharmacy?


Oct 17, 2012
Lancaster, PA USA
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DM3200 UH-7000 3030R2R
Anyone know of a good Canadian pharmacy? There just doesn't seem to be a way to find any links to one!

Seriously, WTF, Over? Can we please ban this guy already? EH?
I sent a PM to the Moderator; hope they fire the torpedoes soon. :(

For almost a year following the demise of the previous forum, there was no viable Tascam forum resource until this one arrived. Now that it's up and running consistently, I'd be VERY upset if it got attacked and sent into a tailspin. That happened to another forum I'm a member of and the Moderator spent DAYS getting it all back on line. Even then, a great many valuable posts and database blogs were permanently obliterated.

That's why I get nervous when I see that detritus strewn around here. Another thing: far as I'm concerned spam incursions are tantamount to hostile attacks and should be dealt with similarly. I'm talking dogged investigation by international authorities, apprehension of miscreants, LONG prison sentences in dark, nasty, medieval jails, and MASSIVE fines.

Enough, already! :(


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