Card is full on DP-03SD - can't free up space


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Jun 26, 2014
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Tascam DP-03SD
Hey everyone - I'm new to the forums and need some help. I recorded a jam session of my band on the DP-03SD which was about an hour and a half on the SD card that was sold with the unit. As I started to create stereo master tracks to export, the card would fill up. So I deleted my other songs that I didn't need anymore, including the sample song that came with the portastudio. This created enough space for me to export 2 master tracks, and I deleted them off of the FAT partition after I copied them to my laptop. But now when I tried to create the master for the 3rd song, it says the SD card is full. All 3 folders show up as empty when I view them in Windows Explorer, so I can't figure out why it's full now but it wasn't before.

On a related question, I thought I would try trimming off the sections that I had already mixed and copied, but when I do that, I can still hear the most recent master track playing at the same time as the beginning of the song. I hope this makes sense and someone has some advice.

I already have a new 32 GB card but I want to copy everything off the old one before I change it.
To Patriot 54, Herro amigo…….. I have way less than an hour and 1/2 on my 03SD , (bought new)with only 3 incomplete songs, none of them over 4 minutes, and have not utilized all 8 trks on any of them. I’ll work on a different trk (overdubbing another instrument/vocal) over time, to keep it fresh and inspired. I’ve recorded on Tascam Recorders 50 yrs (reel to reels/cassette/you name it.) I’m now 69,
A veteran of the industry, and educated musician. Having an extremely hard time with the digital domain, all motors on all analog equipment to difficult to have refurbished with my isolated location being a part of the problem. SO, I just about had a lead vocal in the bag last night, one of my better songs , and learned quickly my old Tascam punch in pedal was no longer going to work on anything, from here on out, I had 3 trks left for backing vocals/tamb. Etc. AND forced to quit by CARD FULL pop up in screen. I’ve read the owners manual 17 times and upside down, I know the card isn’t full. I’m not getting how to free up some space to finish any of these 3 songs. Kind sir, is there any simple tip you might have to spare, that’s in English, that can help me, free up space on my SD card. That came with the DP-03SD ? I have the other pocket portable 8 trk also……same problem (ME). I have fabulous outboard vintage rack equipment I’ve accumulated over the yrs and great condenser mics
I’m a dinosaur stuck in the middle of nowhere to complete my last work, forced to go digital, and was just starting to like it. Thank you for your time. -Peter

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