CD-RW901MKll technical assistance needed

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    Oct 2019

    I have an issue with my drive which locks and will not open. The front panel button is completely inoperable and so is the remote function. Display at the moment dosen't present anything after attempted read. So I dismounted the drive and opened it with the emergency release. After a few manual cycles if then responds to the remote command only. But displays either "disc or drive error" after attempted read. Plus the drive seems to be mechanically loud. So I decided to install a new generic drive. Well at first it worked fine on playback prior to attaching to the internal chassis. As I listened to it for a good 5 minutes on headphones when first connected. After attaching to the chassis it no longer would read the disc and presented the "disc error" message. Well much to my surprise after 3 recycles the new drive now refuses to open just as the oem did. So any ideas as to what could be the cause? Perhaps the side screws are causing internal drama? Which I doubt as they are short and are the oem screws. Or perhaps a firmware issue of some sort? Or perhaps the new drive just failed? Which I guess is a real possibility as well. Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with this type of drive. So is this mode of locked up failure common? Or is it likely caused by issues in the firmware? When first functioning it didn't make any unusual sounds and was reasonably quiet. The sound quality was also surprisingly good. Any wisdom would be vastly appreciated. Thanks, DD