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May 10, 2013
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DM4800 US1800 US144mk2
Recently I have had 4 channels on my 4800 act up. My current setup is
DM4800 connected via Firewire to Windows 7 using Cubase Artist 6
ART TPSii contected to CH 1 & 2
Behringer Ultra DI-Pro connected to CH 3-10
Drum mics connected to CH 11 - 20
Spare ins 21 - 24
ART Head Amp connected to Aux Outs 1 - 6

Recently CH 2(CH 2 on tube preamp) and 5 (In 3 on the DIPro) have developed this really intense reverb that is ONLY while monitoring. It is not in the recording or playback only in the monitor signal.
And CH 24 and 18 do not send signal to Cubase. I have input signal both pre and post fader on the 4800 and can monitor in the board but nothing goes to Cubase.

Do I need to reset the board and setup again or is this something Bigger? I haven't tried anything yet, I was wanting to ask advice before I start resetting/pushing buttons
I'll assume from your description that these issues suddenly occured, the channels and outboard gear were functioning normally, and that you didn't change, alter, add, or subtract anything prior to the time any of these problems began.

If all that is true, there's still a possibility of 'pilot error.' For example, if the Ultra-DI-Pro is a digital unit (not familiar with it), a wordclock error may've occured, and that's the source of the 'intense reverb.' The good news is the signal is printing properly to Cubase, which suggests that something else is wrong. You might save your current settings to a new mixer file, then load a previous file which ostensibly didn't present any issues, then see if that corrects the problems.

As for CH 24 and 18 not sending signal to Cubase, you may not have assigned those channels to proper firewire 'slots.' Go to Routing/Output Slot, and check the settings for those channels.

Hope this gets you started towards successful resolution.

The ultra DI-Pro is just a multi channel analog DI box. Everything across the board had been working fine and the issues started creeping in. I don't "think" I changed anything lol.
The channels not going to Cubase (CH24 and 18) are probably at the input assign page in Cubase, "VST Connections." At least this would happen to me, without any good reason I could think of my having done, the routing would change on me. The board's routing is a bit more obvious.

As for Ch 2 and 5, you do not mention if this is during tracking for example. But the Dm4800 is a big patchbay, you could have the input micpre routed to more than one input channel, or more than one destination, etc. I would route micpre 2 to fader channel 1 in and see if the reverb follows. If so, it means that channel 2 may be double destination routed - it is easy to do this. It is also possible there is a software glitch.

I occasionally encountered unexplainable digital noise glitches, which I solved by creating a patch with nothing routed anywhere I called "Zero." Building all my presets from my "Zero" preset solved all such problems.

I just did the reset. Im getting clear signal into the board once again but nothing going to the computer OR coming back! I can control Cubase but no audio signal to or from, thought I set up the routing right but obviously not..... wasn't there a routing description for the Cubase/dm4800 here somewhere?
Ok so now I have playback from Cubase but still cannot record from the board.....
Domino said:
but still cannot record from the board.....
What do you want to record?
* inputs (which inputs?)
* channel outputs ("direct")
* busses
* auxes
* stereo out
The way you should configure your routing depends on this.
Right now Id be happy with it recording ANYTHING again. I want channels 1-24 to go into Cubase via the firewire card in slot 1.
Well...with enough trial and error I can record now and have playback.

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