Channel Won't Stay Selected

Jayson Wonder

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Jul 30, 2013
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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DM-4800, MX-2424, US-1641

I have been searching but cannot seem to find anything which relates to a problem I seem to be having.

When I select a channel with the select button so I can edit the EQ or Dynamics etc, the track will not stay selected, it defaults back to stereo master constantly.

I am not sure if this is a feature I am not aware of but it is sure annoying since I can't keep my track selected long enough to do anything with it.

This is happening in snapshot 03 RECORDING as it is happening while I am tracking.

Please tell a noob what he is missing otherwise shall I think she is broken?

Is touch sensitive select enabled?
High humidity in your area right now?

Check this:
* Go to option menu and deselect touch selection. Don't know how it's named exactly, can look it up in my DM24 if you wish.
* Lower the frequency for the touch sensitive faders. I've noticed some strange behaviour once in a while, with my DM24 and DM3200 if the humidity is high because of the touch sensitivity. Sometimes the faders "think" that they are being touched because of this, might sound strange, but it is really true.
Ok thanks I will try this and see if it helps my problems with the selection of channels.

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