Choosing DP 24 vs DP 32

Robert Kerr

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Oct 30, 2014
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I am getting ready to pull the trigger on either a DP 24 or 32. Not sure yet. I would be "upgrading" from a Yamaha 8-track minidisk recorder. Among other things, I am hoping the Tascam will give me a higher quality recording. In the meantime I am researching these machines to death.

Thanks for any comments that may help me decide.

I'm kind of surprised that the decision is even a bother. At this point, there's really nothing left in this segment that would "beat" the DP24/32. I can't comment specifically on the recording "quality" comparison, as I never had any experience with the Yamaha. However, the Yamaha DID use some sort of data compression and the DP24/32 doesn't (recording uncompressed .wavs). On the analog side, the DP24/32 inputs/preamps sound clean and quiet. Speaking of "quiet", of course recording to SD cards and no spinning drive, the DP24/32 are dead-silent. In other words, the Tascams will pretty much spit right back what YOU put into them. As with ALL recorders and recording platforms, the most important "spec" the engineer.
Thanks, that's good to know. My friend set me up with Adobe Audition 3. I bought a Motu Audio express and a new laptop per his specs. He can make my system work perfectly. I spend all my time clicking a mouse with no clue. At least with my mini-disk recorder I can make quick work out of a pretty decent recording. I am hoping that the new DP(?) will be easy to use and not be too frustrating. My friend has moved away so now I can't bug him anymore to help me.

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