Clocking DA3000 via CG1000 for DSD + 4 mono tracks in Hi Res?

Discussion in 'DV-RA1000 and DV-RA1000HD Recorders' started by Stephane Threis, Mar 13, 2017.

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    Jan 2015
    2xDA3000, DP24, DM320, ..
    Been using 2x DA3000 for a while in a cascaded way to record small ensembles and CG1000 for clocking.
    Untill now, I've always recorded on wav, 24 bit and 96 kHz.
    But I would like to start recording on the DA3000 in DSD format, 2.8 mHz.
    I can't find a setting on CG1000 which supports the clocking for 2.8 mHz. How is this then done?

    And secondly, I'm using the free Hi Res editor on Mac to load stereo files from 1 x DA3000 (in case of piano solo eg) to be able to edit and then send the seperated files through to Wavelab for mastering. But if I have 4 mono tracks recorded on 2 x DA3000, I can't load them in the Hi Res editor, right? Should these be bounced than first to a stereo track to be able to pass via the Hi Res editor, or route the 4 mono tracks via eg. a DM3200 and then to cubase to mix to stereo and then import to wavelab?

    Thanks for some advice,