Cobranet compatible interface for dm 4800

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Sep 17, 2014
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Hi everyone.

The tittle is pretty self explanatory,
Any suggestion...a not so expensive one..
You can buy an IF-CB/DM card for $579.99 with free shipping HERE. It will work perfectly with your DM for 16Chs in and out. I don't see anything that will come close to this price, either on eBay or anywhere else. I have not found a CobraNet interface that converts to ADAT or TDIF not to mention, judging from the list of current stand alone units being over $3000, one that would exist for under the price of the IF-CB/DM.
Your title says "Cobranet compatible interface for dm 4800" The interface I suggested is probably your best bet. As for a converter, what are you trying to convert? CobraNet to something else? Is yes, what? ADAT? AES/EBU? TDIF?
hold on. let me ask you how to get extra in and out from cobranet card..where to connect the cat 5? is it not an AD and then to cat5 like a stage digital snake?
im kinda looking a solution to expand the ins and out.
"where to connect the cat 5?"
You connect the CAT5 to the CobraNet Card's Cat5 input jack right there on the card.

"is it not an AD and then to cat5 like a stage digital snake?"
What, the IF-CB/DM card? No. It's a Tascam card that fits into the back of your DM mixer that accepts a CobraNet signal. The way you would use it is by connecting your 16 channel CobraNet based digital stage snake's Cat5 into it. The conversion happens with the snake, not the card. Then assign those 16 channels to the input channels on your DM. It does not convert your analog signal into a Cat5 CobraNet digital protocol for you. You have to have that already.

"im kinda looking a solution to expand the ins and out."
If you simply want to expand the analog INs and OUTs, you could just buy an IF-AN/DM card from HERE. This allows you to add 8 line level Inputs/Outputs. You will need the D-Sub 25 cables, however. Something like THESE.
that's what im trying to find..
which cobranet based digital stage snake's compatible with the dm4800?
They all are. Any digital stage snake that converts your Mic inputs to a CobraNet signal, like the whirlwind DS168T for example, will work with the Tascam IF-CB/DM CobraNet card. But you will have to buy the Digital stage snake first. Plug your mics into that, then plug a CAT5 cable into the back of the digital snake, then plug the other end of the CAT5 into the TASCAM IF-CB/DM CobraNet card, which you will also have to buy separately and install into the back of your DM, to get 16 more channels of audio.
Sorry, you will have to do your own Google searches on digital snakes that use the CobraNet protocol.
that's what ive been trying to do..but its seems so limited.
thanks for the help.
If you're looking to extend ins and outs on the DM, you might wanna look into using the ADAT ins and outs. If you work with 44.1 or 48 kHz already (or don't mind doing so), they offer 16 ins and outs to many more possible AD-DA converters than Cobranet.

One that came up very recently is mentioned in this thread.
i want to extend it to the other room in the studio. which is about 10 meter it gonna be a problem?..i know with madi we can extend it to 2-3kilometer. but for a regular adat..I don't know. you have experience with that?
With coax cabling, I'm sure 10m. should be fine. With optical cabling it may be more challenging - depending very much on quality and cleanliness of cables, and the trajectory of the installation (tight curves).
Another digital snake to DM card would be the Aviom solution. It's similar to CobraNet in that it also uses Cat5. The Tascam Aviom expansion card can be found HERE.
To use it, you will also need one of THESE. Unfortunately, this is a very expensive solution and may not be the best idea because you have really no control over the preamps.

You said you need to go about 10meters. That's about 30feet to the rest of us. Why not use a descent 50 foot (15 meter) regular stage snake? I use a 24 channel 50ft stage snake where the box is in my tracking/drum room and the XLR fanout comes up behind my DM3200. Snake channels 1-16 plug into 1-16 in the DM, 17-24 plug into different preamps in my rack. Then I plug the outputs from each of those preamps into my Analog card, the IF-AN/DM. But you also could purchase any one of several analog to ADAT converters, Or even a MOTU 2408MKIII to convert the preamp line outs to TDIF. Then plug your TDIF into the back of your 3200. There are many more options than a digital snake if your budget is tight.
Since you have a 4800, a 32 channel snake might be a better solution. 1-24 into your DM, 25-32 for external preamps, DIs, or line level inputs.

Or, even better, a 48 channel snake using DM's mic pres (1-24), two 8channel ADAT converters with mic pres(25-40), or that Ferrofish 16 channel converter from the other thread that you hook up external mic pres into (25-40), with room left over for 8 more channels that could be part of a patch bay an Analog IF-AN/DM card combo.

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