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Jul 30, 2013
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Hello All,

I have a DM-24 and an MX-2424 and I a looking for suggestions as to how best to configure this into my existing DAW setup.

I want to be able to use the DM & MX independent of the DAW / PC if needed in case I go mobile or PC crashes and just to stay familiar with non computer recording techniques.

I do want to be able to incorporate the DM and MX into my currently system as well in case I want to master on the DAW or use plugins / FX from the DAW / PC. Of course when I use the DAW I can use the DM as a control surface for mixing. I am using Cubase 5 (might upgrade to 6 or 7 later) and I have a MOTU 896mk3 and 8pre together as an interface via firewire. I am thus capable of taking 16 analog or 16 digital in or out of my comp using this setup (1/4 / xlr or adat lightpipe x 2).

My DM will use TDIF to send / receive audio to and from the MX. The DM has a firewire card on the way (if it works well I might ditch the MOTU gear) and the MX also has AES/EBU 24 card (no installed at moment) and analog 24 card installed.

So basically my goal is to come up with a flexible config that will allow me best options for record / track / mix. I am asking for advice on what order I should connect the gear. For instance do I put all my sound modules, mics and drum machines into the DM and them send it to the MX and then send the data from the MX to the DAW or do I route my sound modules, mics and drum machines into my MOTU gear and then send it back to the DM or MX.

I also have to consider how to best use aux's & buses to integrate external FX, DM internal and DAW / PC pluins into this config as well.

It is already making my head hurt and I have been out of the game for a bit so I need to come up with a plan and start learning this DM and MX which seem a bit complex even considering the age.

Any input, advice or thoughts are appreciated. Sorry for such a lengthy post but there is a lot to explain. This tascam gear is new to me so I figure I would as the users who may have already experienced my struggle or challenges.

TDIF to the MX2424 is good, and if you can get the firewire to work consistently that's 24 i/o so I would go with that. TDIF is great because it just works in terms of sync, and that set up would use the fewest cables (3 TDIF and one FW!)
Sometimes I've had trouble getting laptops to work with the firewire card though.
For mastering, I usually just assign a pair of FW returns (23/24) to an external monitor button. So the DM24 is just a listening switcher when I'm mastering in Cubase or something.
Yes what you suggest makes a lot of sense and keep it simple but if I use TDIF to run to the mx can I send also send the tracks to the daw at the same time from the dm?
Sure - check the diagram on page 42 of your DM-24_Manual.pdf

Direct 1-8 > feeds all 3 outputs

TDIF 1 trk 1-8
Slot 1 trk 1-8
Slot 2 trk 1-8

Direct 9-16 > feeds all 3 outputs

TDIF 2 trk 1-8
Slot 1 trk 9-16
Slot 2 trk 9-16

Buss 1-8 > feeds all 3 outputs

TDIF 3 trk 1-8
Slot 1 trk 17-24
Slot 2 trk 17-24

So 3 TDIF cables to the MX 24 tracks (both in and out, with built in clock!)
1 firewire cable (Slot 1) to the Computer 24 tracks.
Alternately you could use the built in light pipe IO and add lightpipe cards to connect with MOTU box/es.
Ok this sounds great. I will try these options, just waiting for my firewire card for DM and the TDIF card for the MX then I should be all set.

I can't wait to try this.
Ok, now that I got my firewire card installed I can focus on getting the DM-24 to work with the MX-2424. I have been trying to decipher the manual but fear things are not working. I need to get the setup connected to test out my MX. I can most often get sound from the input channels but cannot get it to the MX to record or playback.

Not much in the way of tutorials or instructional videos for these units on the web. Does anyone know a good step by step setup guid to get these guys functioning together?

These units mostly the mixer seem pretty difficult to use. I think I have a lot if work to learn these beasts.
Will Miho said:
So 3 TDIF cables to the MX 24 tracks (both in and out, with built in clock!)

I am really interested in how to make this work as well. I am only able to get the following error message when I try to select TDIF as a clock source in the DM's Options Menu..."New Clock Source Is Out Of Range Master Clock Is Unchanged"

I have the MX set to Dig in 1-2 on menu 002 so as to sync with TDIF channel.

I have been unable to get clocks to syn, may there is something I missed.
Chiming in late to this but you can't properly do clock over TDIF with this setup. I suggest using Word Clock + BNC cable. You seem to have a complex setup there, you might benefit from using some sort of master clock, like a MOTU MTP-AV or similar which will more easily allow you to sync everything to it so you can use things either with or without the DAW without issues ... that's what I use on my setup. MOTU MTP-AV -> MOTU 2408mk3 -> TDIF -> DM-24, everything set to sync to word clock and the MTP-AV as the master.
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