Connecting two 2488s

MIchael Stone

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Mar 20, 2014
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I have two older 2488 recorders. I would like to be able to gang them together. I have seen instructions on how to do so several places, but I've not been able to get it to work. Help??
Michael, I've never done it myself, but having 2 - 2488's myself, I did read some of the posts on the subject. You'll need to run a MIDI cable from one to the other. I'm not sure which one gets IN and which one gets OUT, but I know it's the first step. Then you have to set your preferred controlling machine as the 'MASTER' and the other one as the 'SLAVE'. I believe that's done in the MIDI menu. I think whatever you do on the MASTER automatically makes the SLAVE follow (i.e. Record,etc). You may have to physically set the SLAVE to Record also, but I'm not sure. Hope this gets you started and someone else can help with the details!
Michael. I have two 2488 Neos which I sync together using their internal MIDI. You first need to decide which machine is Master and which is Slave. The run a MIDI cable from the MIDI Out socket on the Master machine to MIDI in socket on the Slave machine. On the Sync menu of the slave machine select External. Press "Play" on the slave machine. The playback indicator will blink. Now when you press Play on the Master machine the slave will follow and lock to the MIDI Time Code. A zero offset is normal, but you can set the Slave to lead or lag the Master should you wish to do so. Lock up is remarkable tight, and takes about 2 secs to achieve.

Some functions such as Auto Punch cannot be used. But you get 16 inputs into 48 tracks:)

Iain Churches, I was intrigued with your efforts to sync 3 2488 NEO units. Thank you for that information. I have synced 2 2488 NEO and will be acquiring a 3rd unit so your information was extremely useful. One question: what was your mixdown process to achieve a 2 track stereo master?

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