Connectivity problems with iMac to DM-3200 Pro Tools 11


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Aug 27, 2013
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dm 3200

Been a long time I was a newbie with the sx1 about 7-8yrs ago.. now I have a tascam dm 3200.. and im struggling!! LET'S GET to it!!!

Late 2012 Imac mountain lion10.8.4 osx
thunderbolt from imac with thunderbolt to firewire adapter. 800 to 400 cable to dm3200 firewire card mk11 version

protools 11 software with 003 rack available if it will help. (Firewire too)

When I first hooked up I had to update firmware to 1.7 on on dm3200

firewire card says "OK"
And also says "no cable"
It will say say offline for 2 seconds then go to "no cable"

The transport controls work but no faders movement on dm3200 or protools
the firewire is non existent. ..

my question
Is it because of the osx version I have on imac?
Ive tried to update drivers
and install firewire update to 1.22
they both say successful install but no recognition on dm3200 or imac

I currently have firmware version 1.10 for card. I can't update that to 1.22 for some reason.
Even then. the update I have on imac too new ??

Imac was purchased with this so can I go down to a applicable and operable version??
Many Thanks
I'm thinking the same... the reason im perplexed though is because no recognizing of firewire.. the no cable msg or even showing it exist anywhere..

again I've updated the drivers to 1.22 on imac (at least it said it was successfully installed) but card still shows 1.10...

Im wondering about the 10.8.4 version I have being too new

Oh and thanks for your response so far tascman
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1.10 is the latest firmware for the IF-FWDM, and 1.22 is the latest Mac driver version if I'm not mistaken, so that won't be your problem.. Just to confirm.
You are correct Arjan P... I DO have 1.10 firmware. Just the imac is not reading the 1.22 driver update. Im wondering could it be the osx 10.8.4 version not allowing the 1.22 driver to be in communication with DM. ? Bc it says it successfully installed but no luck recognizing.

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