Control Room/Listen Bus in Cubase 6.07


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Oct 25, 2012
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This is a question for those DM-4800 users Control Room feature in Cubase 6.07 Windows (7) version. I've set my VST Connections under the Studio tab as Out1 and Out2 under the Monitor 1 L & R. Audio device is ASIO IF-FW/DM mk II. My question is why am I still hearing other playback channels bleed thru when I select the "L" listen bus for a particular channel? On my Windows laptop whenever I choose the listen bus for a particular channel I only hear that channel, there's no bleed thru of other channels. Any suggestions ? Could there be a setting on the DM that I'm missing? Thanks in advance for any help. CEH
Anyone ? Thanks for your help ? CEH
As a Cubase 7.5 user, I've yet had the time to dabble with the Control Room feature. You probably could ask the same question on Steinberg's Forum.
I think I actually found the answer in the Cubase manual. Imagine that !!?? :) I know I looked in this section of the manual, but must've skipped right over it the first time thru. In the Control Room Mixer section it says: The Listen Dim Level control adjusts the volume of the Main Mix when channels have been put in Listen mode. This allows you to keep listen-enabled channels in context with the Main Mix. If the Listen DIM level is set to minus infinity, you will only hear the listen-enabled channels. Any other setting leaves the Main Mix at a lower level. Wow....they can't spell it out any clearer than that !! I hope this helps someone who might have a similar setup. Thanks again. CEH
Personally, I never bothered with the Control Room in Cubase - I don't see what it would add to the DM itself for controlling listening etc. But if there are good reasons to do so, I'm listening..

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