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Oct 29, 2012
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Hello everybody,
sorry for my bad english but i'm an italian guy and thanks for all the useful information that i find in the forum.
This is my first post, and now i need your help!

I've a dm 4800 and i work with cubase 5.
I set up the DM with cubase as a control surface following the pdf : DM4800 Fader Control Surface setup with Cubase.
All work fine but ther's a problem.

When I skip through the bank by pressing F2 (forward) the DM don't skip by the first 1-24 channels at the 25-48 and again 49-72......
He skip "random" time he skip 8 channels,then 16 or 24, etc.....
When i press F1 (back) is the same thing, one time 8, one time 16 and rarerly 24.

I've read the mackie control's manual and they write that he can skip 24 at time.
There's a solution or i'm the only one with this problem?
If someone can help me it would be much appreciated.

Not sure if this helps, but I can only move 8 tracks at a time in Reaper and AA3 using f1 and f2.
Thanks but form the mackie control manual :

Pressing the left or right BANK button jumps
over to the next adjacent eight channels on
either the left or right side of the current
location.( f1 or f2)
• If one or more Mackie Control Extenders are
present, the BANK buttons jump over by 8
times the number of devices present. For
example, if two Mackie Control Extenders are
present in addition to the Mackie Control, the
BANK buttons will jump 8 x 3 or 24 channels
at a time.

I think that in remote layer of DM is possible to do the same thing.
may i hope this is possible 'cause for the workflow it would be more "right" jump to 1-16/17-32 (dm3200) or 1-24/25-48 (dm4800)

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