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Dec 27, 2012
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I have been using the DM3200 for a while, and controlling Logic flawless. Transport faders, counters etc working well, but what i wonder is why i can't control the mixer from Logic in Remote. I think i should be able to move the faders in logic with my mouse, and the see the fader move on the Desk aswell. But this is not happening.
I need this because everytime i startup, the faders are back to scratch on all channels on the mixer.
Allso when i shift bank from 1-16 to 17 -24, the fader stays on the position 1-16.
Perhaps i missed a Little thing in the setup. Machine control, and Ex control are both setupo with MC for logic in closed loop.

I have bin searching around for an answer, but didn't find any usefull documents. Hope someone here can provide me with some tips.

Thank You
Caveat - I know logic like I know the dark side of the moon. Stay tuned for actual Logic users who can provide details.

I'm a bit confused: you say that you've been controlling Logic flawlessly, yet can't operate Logic's 'virtual' faders from the DM's Remote Layer. This sounds like you're experiencing a fundamental, but solvable flaw. It CAN be done - IS being done. It's a matter of choosing the right HUI/MMC menus in the DM, and assigning the correct bi-directional commands in Logic.

Same here with the Logic knowledge level. But, I believe that with any daw/MMC setup, you would select both midi input and output using the same midi channel (dm midi5 for faders 1-8 and dm midi6 for 9 to 16). The input would be the movements from the DM as you move them, controlling the faders in Logic, and the output would be the same midi signal out of Logic (fader movement with your mouse) moving the faders on the DM. Are you using Mackie Control Universal for mdidi5 and Mackie Control Extended for midi6? the in and out should be the same channel.
I can control the faders in Logic from the mixer, but not the other way around.
I saw a Video From the Stonehiill Studio. The Guy used his mouse to move a fader, and it moved on the mixer at the same time. The benefit would be that i can recall the mixers fader to adjust to the same level as in the DAW.
Perhaps i got it all wrong, but i remember setting up my old DM24 that way using midi faders. I can't recall how i did it.
I have set up the HUI/MMC as described in the manual.

You could ask, whats the point. Why not just use the mixer to set the levels and use the mixer automation instead.
Well that is how i usually works, but i need to bounce some channels with level control and plugins to a project.
Every time i reload the Project and go to the remote layer, all the faders turns down to the bottom of the mixer…quite annoying. I want them to recall the levels on the DAW.
Perhaps it is not the way it is supposed to work, thats why i am asking ;-)

The Logic Control is setup to DM-3200Reomteport 1 i/o and the extender is setup to DM-3200Reomteport 2 i/o
I use 16 MC for logic in EXT CTRL witch is set to Port 5-6

There are both Logic Control and XT and Mackie Control and XT, i Chose Logic Control,
Sounds like you have it setup correctly, so I would think you should have the DM's fader control from Logic.
I know you have selected Logic Control and XT, but what would happen if you selected Mackie control and XT instead? That's how I have mine setup.

If anyone's interested, FWIW, I was able to setup remote control from my android device yesterday. Controlled reaper (and my DM) from my tablet using TouchDaw app. Works great, although I am not a fan of their UI. Core AC-7 (iOS on iPad) was much better looking.
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TascMan…you are a Genius. This works, and is so cool. I love it. Would never have considered to use the Mackie - Mackie control he he.

Sound great to remote the dm from an APP, could be very useful in some situations.
Man i love gadgets ;-)
Glad it's working. AFA the app, it's nice to be able to at least start and stop recording from my basement tracking/drum room. I just need some musicians down there so I can do some more recording.
Well TascMan, there you got me going. Just downloaded the remote app for Logic on my iPad, made my Stepdaughter freak when i was standing in the Living Room turning the Vocals up and down in the Studio He he
HA! I did the same thing with my kids!! fun stuff.
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