Controlling Faders of Dm 4800 via MiDI


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Jan 12, 2013
Hello Everyone,

I've got an DM4800 and thinking about, if theres a way to remote the Console over Midi. I've read, that theres a way to remote the faders, mute, and solo, over midi.

So what i want to do is: place a laptop wich is conected to the dm with an midi tunel app on it, than a tablet pc wich is running a midi mixer software and is connected to the laptop over midi. So i could remote the DM 4800 with the tablet.

Would this work?
And if this will work, is there any guide availible wich shows me how to do this?


ps: Sorry for my englisch. ;)
You can get just about any DAW to control the DM over midi. It's a common thing. In fact, some of us have it set up so you can control it over your home Wi-Fi network, so you don't have to actually be plugged into it. I do this when I want to record my drums while I am playing in another room.

I know you are now going to ask "HOW?" but it's a very long answer, The setup in your DAW should not be too hard, and the setup in your DM is easy. I think I posed something about this awhile back. Take what you can from that and, if you are still having problems, ask.

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