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Oct 6, 2012
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I am working on a 12 song project.
I have saved the various mixes as 31 snapshots.
The project has now expanded to use a live drummer.
I recorded the drum kit on 16 channels.

I've worked with the drum mix and would like to add it to 16 channels of each of the snapshots.
I know I can copy and paste one channel at a time, but that would take many hours.

Is there a way to copy and paste multiple channels from one snapshot to another?

I want to retain all of the previous, "non drum kit" channels and settings.

This would be easy in a DAW, and I'm sure it is on the DM too.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Maybe this is also a workflow question.

I'm using my DM with a DAW.
It is a hybrid version of mixing, using the onboard DM processors, outboard gear and the plugins in the DAW.

When I get close to a mix I like, I save the DM parameters as a snapshot.
Then, as I hone the mix, I save multiple snapshots of the DM, each associated with DAW snapshots.

A fairly convoluted process, but I like the results.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

How do you guys do this?

I have a couple of PT friends with integrated mixers who think I'm wasting my time.
They just save the whole thing on each mix.
Much easier, but I love the sound of the DM.

"I have a couple of PT friends with integrated mixers who think I'm wasting my time."

I think they're wasting theirs taking time away from mixing to opine.

"How do you guys do this?"

1. Enable Auto-Backup in PT; that way if I commit an audio misdemeanor, it's reversible.

2. Save PT files early and often.

3. Save/backup DM data early and often.

4. Use DM automation for final mixes (saved early and often).

OTB or ITB? In the end the listener knows not.



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