Copying wav files from PC to MX2424


Oct 17, 2012
NSW Australia
Gear owned
MX2424 Soundcraft Ghost
I know how to copy wav files from pc to mx2424 via ethernet and mx view
as per Alans instructions a few years ago, but is there a faster way.
I have a 68 pin atto express card in my pc, I can take one of my external
68 pin drives from the mx2424 and hook it up to my pc and save the projects
etc to pc.
If I copy wav files from the pc directly into the external 68pin drive, then hook
the drive back up to the mx2424, is there a way to get the mx to load the
wav files into a project, if not, is there a faster way than the ethernet.
I think the only way I have ever brought files into the MX from a PC is via ethernet. Thinking about it, if you put wav files into the: TL Projects > MX Project (project name) > Audio files, folder and the wav files are mono and the same bit rate as the rest of the files in the project, you should be able to bring them into the project (mount file??). I have in the past imported files from other projects on the same drive.

Ok, thanks Alan, I'll give it a try.
Every audio file in a project folder also has a track file in the track folder so
I'm wondering if the mx will see the wav files, only one way to find out, if it
works I'll let you know, cheers,
Well Alan, it appears we have found a faster way of loading wav files to the mx.
I created a new project and recorded a few seconds of silence on track 1.
Hooked up the ext drive to the pc via atto 68pin card, copied 10 wav files
into the audio folder inside the project folder.
Put ext drive back to mx, turned on mx and loaded the project.
Opened mx view, clicked file\import audio and a window opened showing track 1 wav and its track file, and also the 10 wav files.
I clicked one of the 10 wavs, clicked file (up top), load to clipboard, opened edit
window, clicked E on track 2, edit (up top), paste, mx instantly created a track file
and 5 seconds later the waveform appeared.
So there is no waiting for the mx to load the wav file from the pc via the slower
ethernet because the wavs are already on the mx drive, the mx is just creating a
track file for the wav.
If anyone needs to load many wav files to the mx2424, this will save you alot of time, cheers.

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