Could you help to connect my newly acquired Tascam TM-D4000 to a computer DAW

Discussion in 'TASCAM TM-D Digital Mixers' started by mnyassi, Oct 10, 2018.

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    Feb 2016
    TASCAM TM-D4000
    I just inherited a Tascam TM-D400. I am not trained. I want to set it up for kids to play with after school. How do I connect it to use at least 24 channels in a mix. I do have the Tascam TM-D4000 mixer, a Digi 002 interface,, a Behringer ADA8000, two DB25 to 8 XRL cables, one IF-LP4000 cable. The Tascam TM-D4000 that I have comes with 3 cards that are IF-LP4000 (light pipe) and two IF-TD4000. From top to bottom, Slot 1 is IF-TD4000. Slot 2 is IF-LP4000 and slot 3 is IF-TD4000. I am new in the 'home recording' circuit and would need some help please. The DAW that I have include ProTools LE and Abelton Live 9.