Cubase control of 2488 sync issue


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Mar 31, 2013
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Tascam 2488
Hi guys

I've had my 2488 (ver 1.1 firmware) as a transport controller for Cubase for a number of years but have just started trying to use Cubase as the master to control the 2488.

The problem I have is when I press play in Cubase the 2488 jumps forward 2.1 seconds and waits for Cubase to catch up. It then "joins in and all is fine"

I can work-round it to a certain extent but it's not what I would call "slick."

Any thoughts?

I think it has something to do with the "lead in" time before Cubase starts at 00:00.Try moving the locater mark in Cubase all the way to the very start.

I remember playing around with this a long time ago and giving up as it made no differecnce to how I was going to use the two systems together - so no promises this is the fix you need

I did ask the "good folk" at Tascam about it.

They said it was working as expected and that it was because the two devices needed to sync... 2.1 seconds to sync?!!?

Strange that when the Tascam is controlling the pc there is no delay... :?:

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