Cubase levels on meterbridge?


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Jul 9, 2014
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tascam dm-4800
Dear Users, I am a happy owner of a Tascam DM4800. After a long fight (my first time with a machine so huge!) with win 7 everythnig works perfectely, but when I am using the 4800 as mackie control surface for my cubase 6, I was expecting to see the cubase volume level of each track on my mu 1000 meterbridge, but this not happends. Is it possible to show them in a Cubase session? I have also connect the Tascam 4800 to my pc through a Fw card expansion. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.
Not supported directly in the remote layer but there are ways to monitor your playback on the DM meters if youf ollow Jamsire's tutorials which are stickied.

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