Cubase to C400 to 2488


Feb 23, 2013
Gear owned
Hey guys/gals! So I got Tascam 2488 about a year ago and i love it. I also have an M-Audio FastTrack C400 Audio Interface that I use with Cubase. So, I am really sucky at using my 2488 but i can FLY through Cubase. (i know practice practice).

Would I would like to do is be able to sync up cubase with the 2488 and use my computer as sort of a controller for the position/start/stop/rec/etc.. I really dont care about controlling effects or anything. Currently i setup the 2488 standalone with the same time signatures of my cubase project / record to the 2488 and then dump to the computer via USB export. That works OK but when i have folks over recording and they want to say here a certain part over again im constantly struggling with navigation etc on the stand alone. In Cubase i simply click on the timeline and hit play. Would be AWESOME if i could just initiate the play/stop/rec stuff directly from my computer. Im totaly cool with the 2488 recording to its hard drive and im not trying to get the audio to come through (all though that would simply be the stereo out to the C400 in's but thats not the goal. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Got this figured out btw, the key words to search your DAW manual for are MMC (Midi Machine Control)
If you are just using the 2488 - check out how to insert "Location" marks. Very simply and easy to use. You name them e.g. Verse 1, verse2 etc etc.

Thanks Zeekle, i just figured out the "In and Out" points which was super helpful. Next step is figuring out the Location marks! Thanks again!

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