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Oct 17, 2012
Lancaster, PA USA
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I know I dont need it, but curiousity took me to Wiki and i understand it to be something similar to dbx1. I can turn it on or off on my sample rate coverter, and it does show up in the DM's digital input signal info panel, although it always says "none." Is there anyway to control it using the DM? Again, just curious. Does/Has anyone used it?
I think your first sentence says it all: 'you don't need it.' So don't worry 'bout it. :)

This could be unrelated, but next to The Big Question (does [insert diety here] exist?), dithering - and its eccentric brother-in-law- 'noise shaping' - are atop the
the List Of Big Mysteries In Digital Recording.

It's not enough that dithering is, perhaps, the least understood modern audio process, but adding immensely to the annoyance factor are buzzwords like 'Triangular,' 'Square,' and similar arcane references. Accordingly, an entire subculture of ideology has developed, a situation not lost on DSP programmers and other miscreants who've seized upon the phenomenon for personal gain.

The bottom line is this: dithering isn't seen, nor should it be heard. It's simply a fungicide to prevent audio artifacts from growing in the dough and poisoning the bread before it's baked.

As to 'digital emphasis.' Well - I don't know exactly what that is. But I suspect it might be related to dithering's brother-in-law. :)


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