Custom wooden side panels for the SX-1


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Oct 19, 2012
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I'm in talks with Peter from, and wondering if anybody else might be interested in getting some custom wooden side panels for their SX-1's. I think if we can group order together, we might be able to get better pricing and make it a more interesting project for him as well.

For an idea of his work, attached are the side panels he makes for the Allen & Heath GSR-24M board.

I'm interested in getting away from the two-piece looking, protruded edge of the original side panels, and to a more flush fitting, and flat board that resembles a vintage console like on the A&H board. But I'd love to hear anybody elses' input or design ideas.

The other benefit of a flat side panel would be that you can sit two SX-1's side by side and have no gap between them, which I think would be much nicer and give a better impression of one big 32 channel board rather than two 16 channel boards.

We need to get or loan one original side panel to Peter, and he's located in the Czech Republic. If any of you are situated from there and could do so, that'd be great too. Otherwise we can arrange something with getting a spare panel from Tascam to him.

For some idea of Peter's pricing, see his website at

Please chime in, just some idea of interest and input would be great.


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I'm not sure this would work since the side panels of the SX-1 are specially fitted...
everything on the SX "locks" together and has to fit precisely...and what about the built-in microphone? .the wood panels look great, but they also cost a lot and may not work...and why would you want to put 2 SX's side by side if they both had wood side panels? you wouldnd't be able to see the wood!!??!! I think Dave said that he took the side panels off of his 2 SX's so they would fit closer and then he used a veneer strip to make them look like one unit...but the wood does look really nice...

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