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Oct 2, 2012
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FYI there was a new firmware release v1.11 for the DA-3000 in June. Haven't tried it yet.
I've upgraded to firmware 1.11 and there seems to be a strange bug. Once in awhile the player stops playing all of sudden. This happens every couple of weeks or so. Just tonight I've had it stopped twice on me. Have you observed the same problem?
I've been using my DA-3000 every day since September 10th using firmware 1.11 and have not experienced the issue you are reporting. Then again I don't use it as a player. I strictly use it as a recorder for mixdown. I then take the media card and pop it in my workstation and master in WaveLab. Are you saying that the DA-3000 stops playing while it is going through a playlist?
yes it stops while i am playing through and dividing files. maybe it's a bug they can fix in the next release?
This doesn't sound like a bug. It sounds more like a media problem. I strongly suggest trying another media card and make sure it is one specifically for audio not just data. Also try reformatting using the DA-3000 format utility it if that's the only card you have. The owner's manual talks about issues like this on page 10.
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thanks for tips. will give it a try to see if it solves the issue.
Did it work?
I've formatted the card and there hasn't been a problem yet. Will let you know if it happens again.
That's great news!

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