DA-3000 converter comparisons?


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Oct 2, 2012
Queens, New York
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This unit has been out for a while but there is absolutely no real user reviews or comparisons of this unit to other A/D - D/A converters which is frustrating. My Rosetta 200 crapped the bed again and while I wait for it's diagnosis I am thinking maybe a DA-3000 can replace it in A/D-D/A mode (in addition to its other features). My apprehension to buying this or any other converter is I am used to the sound of the Rosetta 200. I mix/monitor and master with my Rosetta 200 and I am not sure I want to mess with that formula by taking a chance with this unit without knowing how it compares to other high quality brands. Can anyone shed some light on this? The only comparisons I can find is that the DA-3000 sounds like the DVRA1000 series since they use same or similar converters but that doesn't help me either since I've never heard those as well.

Nevermind. I will answer my own question. I brought locally a barely used one for 700 bucks! It integrated perfectly with my DM3200 setup and the converters in my opinion are a step up from the Rosetta which was great but always had a mid-rangy sound. The DM-3000 converters are more even and has a really nice high end as well. Bottom is well represented ass well. It is a very transparent converter. I'm super impressed!

This was captured directly from cubase. Popped the SD card in the reader on my workstation and did a quick mastering treatment in wavelab.

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