DA-38 Failure To Unload Tapes Properly

Mike Kuehl

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Mar 19, 2014
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I have a DA-38 with less than 90 hours. When eject is pressed, the tape hangs up on the right hand guides. The tape is then only partially ejected, the display says "no tape". Any suggestions? This seems to be a common problem with these machines. Note: no error code appears on the display. I'm in the process of scoring a service manual from Tascam but if anyone can give me a heads up, that would be great. Many thanks! Mike - Passage Recording (passagestudio@yahoo.com).
Hi Mike.It's most likely the lube has dried up in the transport.It requires removal and dis assembly of the transport . Not hard to do,but you can really screw things up if you're not careful.PM me I have worked on these since they came out,and still service them.
Hello! I just went back to this site and noticed you service DA-38s. I haven't fixed the one mentioned here and if you indeed repare these critters, let me know. Thanks, Mike / Passage Recording

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