DAW Remote layer using (2) DM4800's


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Feb 15, 2013
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I have been thinking about getting a second DM 4800 but I wanted to know if I will be able to:Span the channel layers across the two consoles (1-24 console 1)(25-48 console 2) plus the master fader?
I use Cubase & Pro Tools 10.
I believe this should work fine but I wanted to know if anyone else has done this with (2) Dm-4800’s
I think you are limited to 3 usb ports for remote fader control, in your DAW, that being 8 channels each in the Mackie Controller protocol. If you want to use 2 DM4800's, I think you might as well mix audio through them. Because as controllers you could even just use a mouse one fader at a time!

If you want to use 2 DM4800's you have to build your own cascade cable, they don't make them anymore! The wiring details are in the documents section above.
Are you sure about this? I seem to remember a guy England who had done this?
Anyone out there with two DM-4800 doing this?

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