Day 3: The Setup Blues


Mar 12, 2014
New York City
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Tascam DM-3200
To All:

The saga of getting TDIF (useable) audio into the DM continued toward defeat yesterday. Numerous internet searches, purchases of new BNC word clock cables and near poetic readings of the DM manual was the activity of the day, particularly for my partner who ultimately said late last night, "F-^-#-@-K it, we're getting that Tascam firewire card."

We were able to get the board to slave to the DAW via the MOTU using WC but no audio except for some digital noise. We did everything and stumbled across another DM user on a different forum, named Matt, who was experiencing the identical issue. Finally, his story ended with him figuring out that he had the wrong TDIF cables. Once Matt received the correct cables from Sweetwater, he was happy as a claim.

We also tried the ADAT I/O, through ADAT synch and WC. We could slave the DM to the MOTU but similar clocking noise and other weirdness. This was particularly puzzling because everything was set up correctly and that other user Matt apparently had the same results when he tried the ADAT I/O.

We entered the possibility that our TDIF cables were wacky but ultimately just became too tired to deal with it. So, we decided to bite the bullet and go for the Tascam FW card and use that in combination with our Lynx. Down the road will be see if there are any driver/firmware updates for the MOTU and perhaps try the ADAT I/O again because from time to time we get clients who want to transfer old ADAT tracks to hard disk. But for now our plans are to work just with the Lynx and learn other aspects of the DM and do other wiring such as cabling the analog inserts, etc.
Could you post a screenshot of PROJECT/CLOCK screen of your DM? ... and other relevant screens too ... don't remember which ones, since my DM is now torn into parts and still waiting for new cooling fan to arrive (should have ordered the one from abroad instead of my lovely home country, Soviet Finlandia ... always the same story: international packages will arrive sooner than domestic ones ... well except for the ones originated from UK).
It may take me a few days but yes, I will hook the MOTU up to the DM again and take the screen shots. However, at this point I can only do it with the ADAT interface and not TDIF because we returned the TDIF cables for a refund.

Sorry to hear that your DM is down. Hope you are still able to get work done.
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JHTorch - I'm in NYC - Staten Island. I can help very easily in person.
Hey Jamsire -- you know, you practically read my mind. Literally when my partner and I were at wits end last night, I said to him, "you know, I think the dude who did the Cubase video lives in Queens. Maybe we should invite over for some pizza and beer and have him look at our setup." My partner laughed and said that you'd probably be too busy.

We're on the Upper Eastside in Manhattan. I really appreciate the offer. Let me talk to my partner and get back to you.
Pizza + Unsweetened Iced Tea = DEAL!!!!!!!!!!

I get out of work at 5pm, get to you before 6pm for free parking after 7pm.


I live in Staten Island, but work in Queens.

We gotta take a picture!
Hi Jamsire:

Spoke with my partner and it is cool with him to. The one thing is that we already returned the TDIF cables and are moving on with our intention to get the Firewire card. However, perhaps you can assist us with the MOTU/ADAT issue and a couple of other items concerning the DM.

Can you PM me your email address and we'll figure out scheduling.

we're getting that Tascam firewire card."

Good decision. ;)


Yeah, at the end of the day, my sanity and time are worth more than $349. Still want to figure out the MOTU-ADAT issue as we have people come in from time to time with songs or tracks recorded on ADAT tape. I still have my 2 original blackface ADATs and BRC in one of our racks - LOL.
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DAG!!!!! I didn't get a notice for this message. GET THOSE TDIF CABLES BACK!!!
There are 25 pin cables that are for analog but look like TDIF, but TDIF cables always say for digital. There are also cables that look like TDIF but are wired for a different spec. I think the AVID/Protools cables are different and will screw you. Any of the old Tascam PW88D cables from DA88's etc. work. Tascam doesn't make them anymore, most places online call the replacement HOSA's etc "TDIF Dubbing Cables." To cascade 2 DM4800's you need a specially wired cable 25 pin so it looks like a TDIF cable they also no longer make, but the wiring diagram is up in the documents sticky.
If it's the right cable TDIF is both in and out on one cable, plus it carries word clock. Way preferable to ADAT, in my experience.

PS. Trouble shoot by only connecting/testing one audio interface at a time. Having multiple ASIO devices connected to the computer trying to pass audio at the same time could be a problem. You cannot use more than one IF/FW-DM card for example, as the card's drivers won't share the audio buss with another card - or any other audio device I tried either.

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