Dead fader on DP24


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Oct 4, 2013
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Tascam DP24
Hi everyone, Wondering if anyone can help with my dead fader on channel 11. I basically need it repaired/replaced.

Here's a more detailed description:

The level on channel 11 is stuck at -12db or thereabouts. Moving the fader up and down doesn't change the level. Its just dead.
However when i move faders 10 and 12 the level for channel 11 fluctuates and i can get the level of channel 11 up to +5db or thereabouts with faders 11 and 12 at max. If i move fader 10 down then the level for channel 11 goes down about half way then when i move fader 12 down the level for channel 11 goes back down to -12db or thereabouts but the fader for channel 11 is still unresponsive.
Confusing right?

Ive emailed customer support and the kind lady told me to initialize my preferences.
Needless to say that did not work and i emailed to let her know this and to ask what else i can do but she hasnt replied. Its been about 2 weeks since i emailed.
Ive emailed the parts dept also but they havent replied yet and that was about 4 days ago now so im guessing im not going to hear back from them.

There is a possibility something has been spilled on it or condensation was to blame. Both of these things i expect arent covered under warranty.

So basically i just need it repaired but Tascam arent giving me any useful advice.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how and where i might get this fixed?

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