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Mar 5, 2013
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Hi everyone,

I have two computers one of them is strictly for protools where I have two sets of monitors hooked up to the DM-3200. In my 2track input I have my other computer where it's only used for itunes basically for music listening.

Just recent I acquired a teac 3340S reel to reel and would like to add it to the 2track input on the DM-3200. As for my itunes computer I tried connecting the spdif out from my m-audio soundcard into the Digital in of the Tascam DM-3200 but no success in trying to make it work. Is this do-able? What do i need to do to connect my other computer as I originally had using the 2track but connecting it somewhere else on the tascam. Please let me know. :confused:

You should be able to plug an RCA to RCA 75ohm coax cable from your music computer into one of the DM's coax digital ins. Make sure the sample rate from the computer matches whatever the sample rate is on your DM. Then, assign the two DIN tracks to two paired input channels on the DM. Make sure they are sent out to the stereo buss.

If you don't want to fuss with that, then you could go analog from your music computer, like you were doing, Just add a couple of RCA to mono 1/4" adapters (RadioShack) and put them into your ASSN RTN inputs. Now assign those two inputs to a pair of input channels on the DM. Buss to stereo and there you go.
Hi Tascman

Thanks for the quick reply, I'm still not comfortable with routing on the tascam yet. Can you guide me on where I need to assign for scenarios 1 and 2. Thanks for your help on this, greatly appreciated.
I had a feeling....But glad to help. OK, ...routing specifics. I usually do this as a step by step, as if I am talking to you, so here it goes.
Lets start with the most complicated way, while I am still caffeened up.

Take a look at the far left side of your board, above the blue and white SHIFT/CTRL GLOBAL switches, and figure out what sample rate your DM is set to. Lets say for this, you are set to 48Khz. That is your recording sample rate and your music computer should be set to the same rate. You can check/reset it by going into windows (using windows 7 here) via the start button, then control panel, then "SOUND". Within the SOUND window, look for the device listed as "SPDIF Interface". It should be the one matching whatever audio is used on your motherboard. (Mine is an ASUS motherboard with a SoundMax built-in audio chip. Hopefully your MB's audio drivers are up to date.) Now, click on that SPDIF interface and select "properties" at the bottom. At the top of the next window, you will see a bunch of tabs. Select the "advanced" tab on the right. In the Drop Down list under Default Format, select "2 channel, 16bit, 48000Hz, (DVD Quality)". Now go to the system effects tab and Deselect all system effects. Next, go to the Level tab and make sure it is at 100 percent. Now go to the "supported Formats" tab and check DTS and Dolby, and 44.1, 48. 88.2, and 96. Now go to the general tab and make sure the Device usage drop down is set to "Use This Device". Now click apply and OK. Done with that.

Now, plug an rca to rca cable in the SPDIF coax connector on your computer and the other end into the back of the DM where it says DIN 2. (digital IN 2) (You can use DIN 1 if you would like, it makes no difference. I just like to keep DIN/OUT 1 reserved for specific purposes) If the distance from your computer to your DM is not very far, you can get away with using a standard rca to rca cable. However, I must suggest using a dedicated digital coax cable for longer runs, as they are typically better made. Have a look on eBay.

So we are finally at the DM routing point. With your music computer fired up and playing a looped song, and your DM on as well, look at your DM's screen and follow these steps. I will be referring to the keypad to the right of the screen.
Please locate these buttons now, for reference: ALT...ROUTING (6)....DIGITAL(2)...MODULE...arrow buttons.... ENTER....jog wheel.

OK, First, press the ALT button. The light next to it should light up. Now hit DIGITAL. This brings you to the DIGITAL page on your screen. At the bottom of the screen are tabs, and below the display are square buttons to select those tabs. You want to be on the FORMAT tab. This is your digital I/O setup page. Left side is for Digital 1 in and out. The right side is for digital 2 in and out. Look at the right side. To the right of DIGITAL IN2, it should say "RCA" Use your arrow keys to move the curser pointer to the right of the "fs convert" and hit ENTER to turn it on.
You can also check the 24 bit box if you like. Do not select "mute defeat"
Don't worry about your output or stereo word length.

Now go to ALT (it should still be on), then ROUTING. You are now on the routing page. Select the INPUT Tab. Now, figure out what channels you would like to have your music computer to come into. Personally, I have inputs 1-16 set for my Pre amp inputs, 17-24 are my SLOT2 analog card inputs, 25-28 are my ADAT inputs (only 4 because I am at 88.2...smux and all) 29-30 are my 2TR ins from a tape deck, 31-32 are ASN 1-2 RTNs, 33-34 are my FW SLOT1, 1-2 stereo buss returns from my computer, 35-36 are my DIN1, and 37-38 are my DIN2. Choose any channels you want for your DIN2 returns. Lets assign them to CH37 and 38 for this example.

To do that, stay on your INPUT page where CHs 37 and 38 are showing. Now start on the right side of the page (a Nod to the ZEN master) and use the right knob (Called POD 4) and select DIN. Up from there is your layer select. CH33-48 should already be selected. Next use your arrow keys to bring the highlighted input down to CH37. Turn your jog wheel once to the left , then three times to the right. It should now say "DIN 2-L". Hit enter. Now move down one channel and do the same thing, except that you will turn the jog wheel four times. CH38 should read "DIN 2-R". Hit enter.
So now you have assigned your computer's S/PDif Digital outputs to the DM's digital inputs and have assign these inputs to CHs 37 and 38. If your computer is still playing, you should see level meters on your Meter bridge (if you have one).
Now we have to get these signal out to your stereo buss to listen to through your monitors.
Navigate to Fader Layer 3 (CH 33-48) at the right of your stereo fader. Find channels 37-38 (5th and 6th fader from the left) and bring them up about half way. Now, find the SEL buttons above the faders and hit either one. It should be green. Now push them both at the same time and release, and you will see a message on your display asking if you want to make a stereo link. Hit ENTER to confirm that you do.

Now with those channels still selected (both should be green), look at to the left of your display for the STEREO button and select it. This will assign these channels to your stereo buss. Now look to the far right of your display in the MASTER section. There are four buttons. Select the top one, STEREO. Now bring your STEREO fader up and your should be hearing music. You can bring your stereo fader all the way up to 0db, and then bring your CHs 37-38 faders up slowly to the preferred level. If your monitors are connected to the CR (control room) outputs, then your will also need to turn CR knob up to about the 12Oclock position.

The analog setup is very similar, so lets conquer that now.....
In the back of your music computer you probably have a mini jack (1/8") for an output. Using the same cable you were using before, ( I am guessing you have an 1/8" stereo to 2 RCA output cable), buy and attach two RCA to 1/4" adaptors to the RCA jacks at the end of the cable. Now, find the ASSIGN RETURN 1-2 on the back panel of your DM and plug the White/Left side into 1 and the Red/right side into 2. Now we have to assign these inputs to two channels. Lets assign them to CHs 31 and 32, just for the hell of it.

Back to your ALT/Routing page, select INPUT again. Starting at the right again, use POD 4 to select "ASN RTN". Now use POD 3 to select CH17-32 under Layer Select. Now use the arrow keys to move the highlighted input over to CH31- INP. Turn the jog wheel once left, then Once right so that you see "ASN RTN1" flashing. Hit ENTER. now move to CH32-INP and turn the wheel until you see "ASN RTN2"
flashing and hit ENTER. Now the ASSIGN RETURNS 1 and 2 are assigned to CHs 31 and 32. Now go through the same process of hitting both select buttons and then ENTER to pair these channels. Then make sure they are assigned to your stereo buss using the above directions and bring up the faders.
That should do it. Enjoy. Hope I didn't miss anything,
Hi TascMan,

Wow! Thank you so much for this detailed step by step how to, I actually understand the routing much better thanks to you. I ended up using the DIN 1 instead but noticed when I press the SEL 2 D-IN 1 button on the right side I get the signal coming out but don't need to use the faders. I also noticed if I press the STEREO button and put the faders up on channel 41-42 I still hear the signal but coming out of the faders. So what I've done was removed the faders 41-42 from the routing page and use the control room (speakers) and press the D-IN 1 button to use my music computer. I'll use it this way till I need the D-IN 1 for something else later on I guess. Hey TascMan thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate the time you took to right up this procedure. :D
Guitarbin said:
I ended up using the DIN 1 instead but noticed when I press the SEL 2 D-IN 1 button on the right side I get the signal coming out but don't need to use the faders.

Ok, This is a more direct way of routing your DIN1 and it looks like it will work well for your purpose. Those buttons on the right, under STEREO, that are labeled SEL 1 (AUX1-2), SEL 2 (D-IN 1), and SEL 3 (2TR IN) are available direct outs for various things that you may not need to use faders for. Like your music computer. They are completely configurable by going into your MONITOR page on the display. (ALT/MONITOR/Monitor Tab). On the left side you will see Control Room Select and SEL 1-3. Using your arrow and ENTER keys, select one of the fields and use the jog wheel to select what input you want to go directly to your CR volume knob and out to your CR monitors. They DON'T have to be what is labeled on the mixer. Your SEL 2 is currently selected as DIGITAL IN1. But that can be changed to anything else.

Guitarbin said:
I also noticed if I press the STEREO button and put the faders up on channel 41-42 I still hear the signal but coming out of the faders.

This is because I thought you needed it to come into a pair of faders then out the stereo buss, but that is obviously unnecessary when using the SEL direct outs.

Guitarbin said:
So what I've done was removed the faders 41-42 from the routing page and use the control room (speakers) and press the D-IN 1 button to use my music computer. I'll use it this way till I need the D-IN 1 for something else later on I guess.
I think you mean that you have removed the input source from 41-42, because you are using the SEL direct out key. If you did remove the faders, please put them back.........ha ha :LOL:
Nice job. Enjoy your new found routing.

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