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Mar 13, 2013
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I have our DM4800 set up so when a mic input channel is selected on the first bank (inputs 1-24) one can hit the "direct" button then the channel number to send that input directly to our Tascam X48MKII digital hard disc recorder. Thus I can, for example, use a mic that inputs on input one to first record on track 1 of the recorder, then later reassign it to, say, track 13.

This works fine except for input channels 9 and 10. They seem to bypass the direct selection and go right to tracks 9 and 10 of the recorder even if no channels are selected with the "direct" button. And if I try, for example, to select another direct channel out (say 14) it does not "take."

Did I accidentally set some weird routing in the DM4800 that causes channels 9-10 to always be directly connected to tracks 9-10 on the Tascam recorder?
Hit: Routing. Then - 3rd tab on the bottom of that screen - OUTPUT SLOT.

SELect outputs 9-16. See what's in those boxes. Could be some source other than BUS/DIRECT#9, etc is entered. If so, change them accordingly.

I could never get the direct button to work for me either. I know its routing and the way I have it setup. Currently the only way I can get a channel into the DAW is if I assign it to a BUS. Its embarassing how little I know still about my machine LOL! When I first purchased it, I just got enough of an understanding so I could track and then all my energy went into songwriting and learning Cubase/mixing.
Good luck!
Having many bussing / routing issues here too. Nothing I do seems to work. All I can get is same channel to same track. But if I want to bus channel 1 to track 6 or 11 or whatever, it won't work. Not sure if I am missing something...
Hi All,
I got the routing issue sorted out. All seems to work properly now between the console and the 48 track recorder. Am having a little problem saving project "snapshots" but I will work on that and post another message to this board if I can't sort that out. Thanks to all of you who replied to my post.

Barrel90 said:
if I want to bus channel 1 to track 6 or 11 or whatever, it won't work. Not sure if I am missing something...

And so are we - the readers who'd like to help you fix what's very likely a simple 'pilot error' made worse by miscommunication.

When you say 'track' what are you referring to? Do you want to 'route' a mic input from 'M/L1 to the DM's Fader Module 6 or 11? If so -

Hit: ROUTING/INPUT; SELect Input # 6 , #11 (or both if desired)..
On the right side of the screen, select your TERMINAL - in this case 'M/L.' Hit ENTER. Then cursor over to Fader Module (input) 6 or 11, and using the round scrolling wheel, dial around until 'M/L1' appears. Hit ENTER. Done.

Or - when you say 'track' - do you mean a Track Assignment in your DAW? If so, you'll be dealing with OutPut Slots - the INTERFACE that serves as the CONNECTION between your DAW and DM4800.

Please clarify. There's still hope. ;)

I wish I could hire you for 1 day to stop by lol!

Let's look at what I want to do in an analog kind of way.

Yes the inputs are M/L (channels 1 - 24 on the DM)
So Lets say I have a singer (mic) coming in on channel 1 of the board. I want to stack the singers voices on the "multi track" tape recorder. 1st take on track 3... 2nd take on track 4 ect...
I want to be able to use those Output assign buttons to send channel 1 of the board to tracks 3, 4 ect...

note: I have 2 recording systems hooke up. The 1st is Pro toold, using slot 1 & fire wire.

The 2nd is the Mackie HDR 24/96, which works more like an analog machine. Slots 3 & 4 Adat) {just using 16 of the 24 tracks on that machine}

I hope this helps you understand what I'm trying to do. If not, can I send you my e-mail & maybe you can send me your phone# so we can chat live.
First, let me try to tackle the ProTools side of things. Since I use PT10, I'm less likely to make a mistake by leaving the Mackie out of the equation for now.

Using your example - with your SOURCE (M/L1):

1. Hit: Routing OUTPUT SLOT (3rd tab on bottom of screen). By default, you'll likely see these indicators in each SLOT: Buss1/Dir1; Buss2/Dir2, etc etc.

2. You'll want to CHANGE those indicators to 'M/L1' in those Slots (and this is just an example; you can choose ANY four (or more) output slots from 1 thru 32 (these are your Firewire 'connections'). So - Let's say you want to use: Slots 29/30/31/32 for four simultaneous outputs to Protools.

3. Select each of those Output slots to ASSIGN your singer's signal to Protools.
Pod#3 - choose the 3rd bank from the top - 24-32. Next, on the right side of screen, choose INPUT BYPASS - M/L (mike/line inputs). Hit ENTER

4. On the left side of screen you'll see a STACK of 8 slots. The bottom FOUR SLOTS (in this case) are Output Slots 29 thru 32. So - change each of those Buss/Dir boxes to: M/L1. Hit ENTER after EACH choice.

5. In ProTools (assuming your firewire/ASIO settings are right), you'll choose 4 (or as many) new AUDIO TRACKS into which you're going to print your Vocal. This is done by simply clicking on the INPUT TAB of each track. A menu appears - with guess what? 32 inputs! So - choose 29 thru 32 respectively for each of the new ProTools tracks that will RECEIVE Vocal signal.

6. Protools wants you to MONITOR what you're going to record, so you'll have to choose some OUTPUTS back to your DM. Right now, choose Outputs 1 thru 4. (They can be anything between 1 and 32).

7. On your DM, Hit ROUTING; choose Fader Modules 1 thru 4, (first four at the upper left), making sure Input 1-4 is in those boxes.

8. CAUTION! What you've just done in steps 6 thru 8 will result in LATENCY!!! But, I will suggest a workaround in another post. Let's see if you can get this far, and we'll deal with that later.

So, CaptDan,
I figured out how to route signal to multitrack via the window and pods on the DM 4800, but it's those stupid Output Assign buttons that won't work... nothing I do works using them.
on the left of the board. to the left of the routing button. 24 output assign buttons. I assume they do just that... let you assign a DM channel to a recorder track... Am I wrong?
"on the left of the board. to the left of the routing button. 24 output assign buttons."
i think he meant this left part of the board, that would be the buss assign buttons.

First, I use a DM3200 - which as I know it - is pretty much the same as the 4800, minus a few 'levers,' an additional monitoring bus, and that enviable 'Fat Channel.'

That said, the 'Bus Assign' panel is designed to route sources to specific DM busses - which in turn - can be assigned to output signal in a number of ways: auxiliary monitoring, combining several input sources to one stereo channel, or as an intermediary re-routing point back to a recorder or DAW. But they don't necessarily have a bearing on the BUSS/DIRect options selected in the Routing Menu. So, unless a specific task is being set up, pushing those buttons has no effect on the routing scheme to/from the recording/playback device.

Make any sense?


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